Sharlen Valley

Day 1 (of playtime)

Rose Knights

Everyone has had his own experience with the same Rose Knight band, a veteran dwarf by the name of Flint, his fellow Knight Tanas the half-elf, and the mysterious cart driver. But ultimately, it all ended up the same: forced into unconsciousness for who-knows-how-long. The adventurers awoke in the Rose Knights underground base in the northern tip of Sharlen Valley at the base of the Orden mountains. The adventurers were told that they were now Rose Knights themselves, based on the secret order’s ability to recruit anyone into their ranks who they so choose.

While at first reluctant of what to do, the adventurers decide to take the Rose Knights mission to scope out a cave in the Orden Mountains in the east to see if it goes all the way through to the other side.

On their way, they stop at a village known as Tredor. At first humbled by the town’s small size, the adventurers soon realize there might be more to the po-dunk town than first meets the eye. The General Store Merchant (Johnfrey), in particular, started out as a nice man who seemed to have lost his wife. But upon further conversation with the man, the group learns that, not only did it seem that he had killed her, but he cut her skin off and used it to bind two books bought by one of the adventurer’s (Trees (and Magic) and The Squirrel). Another lesson which has been buried in their minds is ’If you see a “Money Back Guarantee” sign up, be very cautious of what you buy from crazy merchants.

The proactive adventurers made there way to the marshal, whom they thought would help them do something about the general store merchant. However, immediately the adventurers find out that, not only were the marshal and merchant brothers, but the marshal was just as crazy as his brother.

Fed up with the town and nearly ready to leave, the group heads to the local inn where a completely sane barmaid waits on one of the adventurer’s, getting him water and maybe being a little more than friendly. The rest of the group talks with her father, the inn/bar keeper. They find out that the general store merchant is just a little off his rocker, but he has never hurt anyone in his life. However, they also find out that the person who they thought was the marshal, was actually not, and that he was tied up in a cell behind the merchant’s brother.

The inkeeper runs off in a hurry to get balance back in town and the adventurers go up stairs for a night’s rest before they continue on their way the next day.

The night, luckily, brought no ill-actions toward the group and they were able to move on without any hesitation. The next pitstop on their way, was the Half-elf city of Iru. Which, after the last settlement they had stopped in, it was no wonder why they made their way out so quickly, not even stopping to take a rest.

Within another day they had found themselves at the area Flint at marked for them on their map. The cave seemed carved by a crude hand; not natural by any extent of the imagination. Whoever made the cave, was sure to make rooms, even, more importantly, they were sure to build traps into it. Nearly covering the entire southern wall (the cave runs west to east), were arrow launchers that would fire if anyone entered specific areas in front of them. After a good amount of time of brainstorming, one of the members of the party decided to start trying to find a way to weave through the pressure activated traps.

The member made his way through and found the lever on the opposite end that turned the entire trap off. The group made its way through the archway into the next room where three lizard men waited for them. The group nearly lost of one their own, but was able to end the confrontation rather quickly (but not before one of them was pushed into a pile of feces by the one of the dragonborn).

The party now awaits to head into the next room, fearing that if the cave does go all the way through, who knows what the Rose Knights will have them do next.

**END 5 Odo 24 6pm
( Time System)



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