Sharlen Valley

Day 2 and 3

Past the fecal room, the Rose Knights finds themselves in a long hallway, at the end of which, a pit spans 15 feet long and 20 feet down. Dark within its depths, a large crocodile-like figure rests motionlessly at the bottom. One of the members, with a raven familiar speaks with the reptile.

She informs the group that he is diseased and weak, and that he only wants to be granted death. One of the members complies without a second thought, an arrow nearly notched before consent was given. They, though not all, climb down the hole and climb up the other side.

Through another winding hallway, the adventurers find themselves in a large room filled with cages and a branding station in the middle of the room. Three dragonborn try ferociously to brand another crocodile; however, this one is 3 times the size, with a jaw width of nearly 6 feet.

The group fought hard, mostly dodging the crocodile’s large bites, save one of the Rose Knights. Either brave, ignoble, or just plain idiotic, he notches two arrows in front of the large beast. Seeing a brief moment of opportunity, the crocodile clamps and misses once, but not twice. The second bite sinks, ironically, though easily through the leather of the Rose Knight.

A second Knight attempted valiantly to save him from the croc’s clutches, but to no avail. The reptile inevitably bit the knight into three parts. The Knights, enraged at the loss of one of their own, finish the beast off mercilessly.

The more religious ones, attempt to protect the soul of the Knight, by performing certain rituals. Still they knew they had to press on, tired and lost though they may be. Lost without the member of their group. They decide to take a break, allowing the elves to keep watch through their meditation. A good thing, too, for only two hours in, they were jumped by two dragonborn. After easily dispatching the two unlucky half-dragons, the party continues their rest, ready to go full force.

The next room seems a large dining hall with a single dragon born voraciously tearing through a slab of salted meat. He notices them, though shocked at first, and runs to the gong in the back of the room. After banging it three times, he dives under a table. Seemingly still under the grief of their lost member the party takes no note of his cowering, and ends him without a second glance.

Swiftly behind his death, two more dragonborn arrive in the dining hall. While they were able to injure one of the members, it did not last long before they, too, fell under the oppression of Rose Knights.

The dining hall offering no other exits, the knights move on to the northern room. A sleeping dragonborn lay in a pile of hay, and another one, larger and more naked than the previous, awaited with weapon in hand for the Knights.

The smaller one, posed no real threat, however, the larger one fought hard before he went down. At the opposite end of the room, a second passage was set next to the lever that would raise the portcullis through the only inaccessible passage thus far.

Deciding that closing something off was more important to keep secret, the party went through the portcullis and eventually found themselves face to face with Bejik. A dragonborn commander. He did not fight, however. He was shot several times before fleeing into the wall of daylight that led to Illkinder Swamo, closing another portcullis in his wake.

The party, having killed his two companions, now have proof that a passage exists. King’s Pass.

Upon their exit, the Knights meet with Flint, coming to check up on them, with him, one of their older recruits. Having learned of their loss, he adds the dwarf to their group and asks them what they found. The Knights tell of the pass, and some in turn learn of the laws of Sharlen Valley.

Flint gives them two options before leaving. The Knights must close off the passage for now. They can either employ the assistance of a man in Ordenthal, or force the help through the Coldkeep Tower.

The arcane powers will soon greet them.

**END: 5 Eudo 25 9am



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